When to Reach Out to a Financial Consultant [infographic]

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At DKC Financial Inc., we realize that many people handle their family’s financial decisions in a reasonably efficient and successful way. However, there can be times during your life when you could be at a crossroads and need some advice on which path to take. All paths will get you to a destination, but it may not be the most expedient path or get you to the optimal outcome you have in mind. If you want the best chance at achieving the highest level of success, consider reaching out to us for guidance, especially during these transitional stages of your life.

When to Reach Out to a Financial Consultant [infographic]

  • Starting a retirement plan- The key to maximizing your golden years is to start early and make smart decisions along the way. Your investment strategies can and should change depending on where you are and where you want to be.
  • Your portfolio isn’t achieving what you hoped- It is always a good idea to bring in an unbiased third party when you are handling your investments on your own as you could be overlooking opportunities that could get you to the level of success you have in mind.
  • Your family is expanding- Your finances are impacted when you get married and when you have children. Your goals also change when you want to get started saving for college, a major family vacation, or another large expense.
  • You have inherited or won a large sum of money- A sudden windfall can be exciting, but if you want to make the most of it, a financial consultant can help you do that so it can have a positive impact on your future.
  • You are divorcing- Depending on how your divorce plays out, your past financial plans could be put into a tailspin. You will likely need to establish new plans, and it helps to have a professional guide you as you untangle your mutual finances.
  • Moving into retirement- As the day you will retire moves ever closer, it is time to assess whether you are in the financial position to do so. You could be ready sooner than you think, or you may need to hold out a bit longer, but either way, timing is critical if you are to have the comfortable retirement you envision. In addition, guidance from a professional financial consultant can help you make adjustments that can better your position going into retirement and in retirement.