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People have a habit of asking children what they want to be when they grow up, and when I was probably 6 or 7 years old, my initial response was that I wanted to be an accountant and own a restaurant. I wanted to own a restaurant because I love food, and I wanted to be an accountant because I was good at math and liked it. The two things could not be further apart, and for many years, I struggled with what it was that I really wanted to do. As I grew older, I also realized that I wanted to help people. My first attempt at volunteer work ended up with me devastated over the fact that I caused a handicapped child to land face down in the dirt because I pushed his wheelchair in the wrong direction. The experience caused me to stay away from helping people because I didn’t want to relive an event like that.

What Business Should I Do?

Fast forward a few years to where I earned a PhD in finance. I used my PhD to work as an assistant professor in finance but did not care much for doing the research that would make me a successful academic. Then, I started working with my husband in a small catering business he co-owned. The catering business did not become the wild success that we needed to continue it, and so, we tried our hand at other ventures that were not successful. In trying different businesses and working with other owners, I realized that, regardless of the industry, small business owners face many challenges and, they tend to be the same.

To sum it up, I did not become an accountant or own a successful restauranteur, and I failed at my first volunteer effort. What I have realized however is that your inner desires will always manifest themselves in the actions that you take in life. I think that you will always come back to what makes you fundamentally you. My penchant for logic and numbers, combined with my experience working with several small business owners and my desire to help, led me to create this blog to give small business owners solutions to some of the problems they face. While I feel sometimes that it must be insanity that led me to make the decision to do this for a living (it definitely goes against my strong want for traditional safety and security), I know that all my life experiences have brought me to this.

My recommendation, therefore, is that, if you are thinking of starting a business, then choose to sell a product or offer a service based on something that really motivates you. Once you figure out what that is, then work on monetizing it. If people can make millions of dollars sitting at home playing video games, then I honestly feel like the hard part is really figuring out what it is that makes you tick.