How Should I Handle Human Resources?

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Business owners very quickly find out that they cannot do every job. Either you have to outsource work, or you have to hire someone to perform the tasks needed, and therein lies the problem. Another human being carrying out their responsibilities with the same effort and energy that you would, is, unfortunately, very unlikely to happen. The most that you can do is to give your employees as much incentive to do their job as best as possible. Of course, this is going to cost something, but if you want to get the best candidate out there, then it might be worth considering a few of the suggestions below.

How Should I Handle Human Resources?

How do I attract the best employee?

  1. Offer health insurance or something that provides a health benefit. I think one of the number one concerns for most people looking for work is whether or not the employer provides health insurance. If you are a small company with fewer than 50 employees, then you are not legally required to offer any health insurance plan, but if you do, it usually is very costly. As an alternative, you could offer a benefit where the employee earns a credit every paycheck that they can use toward medical expenses. This is much more manageable cost-wise and shows the employees that you are willing to offer them something that other employers might not.
  2. Provide monthly bonuses that are tied to the employee’s performance. You can give out gift cards or straight-up cash to reward employees for doing well. Set the parameters for what “doing well” is.
  3. Have an employee manual. By setting the parameters for what is expected of each employee up front, it makes it easier to identify when an employee has done well.
  4. Give referral bonuses. Whether your employee refers a customer or another employee, you can give them a referral bonus to show your appreciation for their efforts. I think employees are more likely to treat the job seriously and do their best if they have friends or family members who they recommend.
  5. Look for employees with a CAN-DO attitude. When you look at resumes, you might find that someone is not as qualified as another candidate. When you conduct the interview, however, you might find that the less-qualified candidate has a better personality and also a CAN-DO attitude. I have found that employees with a CAN-DO attitude outshine everyone else every time.
  6. Offer to setup a “pension plan.” If you use direct deposit to pay your employees, you can set it up so that a portion of the check goes to a different account. While you might not be able to offer them a true pension plan, you can help them establish an account that they can use for the future.

Where do I post job positions?

I have used both Craigslist and Indeed to post positions for employees. Craigslist is a cheaper option, but Indeed might give you more quality candidates. When you post the position, it’s a good idea to be specific with what you are looking for. Also, give candidates an idea of salary and benefits. That way, you minimize the amount of calls or emails you get expressing interest in the position.

Finding the right employee is difficult but they are out there. As your business grows, so will your needs. Having the right people with you will help the journey to success much easier!