Do I Need Legal Services for My Business?

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The words, “I will have my lawyer give you a call,” always scare me. However, I have a sister who is a lawyer, and she has assured me that they are only human beings. They don’t have extra special powers or anything. If you really think about it, what doctors, lawyers, plumbers, contractors, nannies, and mechanics (all people who I revere) have in common is experience. They do the same thing every day, and so they are better able to identify solutions or problems much more quickly than we can. The case can therefore be made for any profession really. That is why it is always best to consult with someone who does something for a living instead of trying to do it yourself. I, therefore, highly recommend having some sort of legal service at your disposal. Here are some reasons to have access to legal services.

Do I Need Legal Services for My Business?

What will I need legal services for?

  1. Drafting documents – This, I believe, is the number 1 reason to have access to legal services. I have had to draft loan contracts, partnership agreements, lease agreements, sales agreements, rental agreements, employment contracts, and I could go on. You will be surprised by the vast number of documents you will need when you start doing business. You will be happy that you have a signed document in place if a dispute should take place.
  2. In the event your business is sued – Hopefully this never happens to you, but it is always good to know that you have a lawyer on your side if something should go down. Having a signed document in place outlining the nature of the relationship or service will help to make your case much easier. Having commercial or professional liability insurance will help with the cost incurred to retain a lawyer.
  3. Reviewing documents – You might be presented with a great opportunity for your business, but when they hand over the contract, it is 50 pages long. If you are like me, you might read the 1st page and then sign on the last page and then find out a year later that they have rights to your first-born child in the event of a breach of contract. Have someone who knows what to look out for read through it.

Legal Services Solutions

To keep costs down, I have only sought legal services for drafting documents. I use Rocket Lawyer. However, they also offer other services that you will probably need like reviewing documents, and one-on-one consultation. To get your business started, I would at least have this service. Once you are up and running, I would recommend looking for business attorneys in your area that might specialize in small businesses and that you can directly reach out to in the event of a problem.